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I want to share with you part of my life. School.

I went to St. Gregory's just to learn, but didn't have friends. I felt sad and alone. My Mom took me under her wing and helped me to figure out high school.

My High school was Bishop Allen in Etobicoke.

First, the staff put me in the Green Room. I felt very frustrated that they made me go there. I was in tears. It wasn't fair to be there, because I wasn't learning in the Green Room. They didn't want to accept me for me. They didn't want me to learn. The Green Room only had lots of flowers. And only students with a disability were in the Green Room. It made me feel sad and I felt like I was not like the other students. I wanted to get out of there a cry of help to get out.

What I did I talked to the Principal Pat Gavell he was a good guy to talk to. He helped me to get out of the Green Room and I went to a regular class with all the other students.

When that happened, I felt accepted and I made friends there. After school, I went to Drama Club and we put on a school play. We did the song YMCA in the play.

I got involved with acting. My passion is acting.

After high school, I went to College at George Brown. I went to Drama School where i studied plays, like Romeo and Juliet.

I made more friends at Drama School. We all had a similar interest in acting. We all went to auditions to be in plays. I got parts for 2 plays and was on the set of a movie called "Jewel" with Farah Fawcett.

In my life, I am included in things. I am outside of the box. Inside the box is negative and stressful. People are not nice or accepting of other people.

Outside the box, I am free to be who I am. People outside of the box are accepting. People respect who you are.

When I audition for a play, it is still hard work, a struggle. People sometimes see a label, they see a disability. They see differences. It is the wrong thing to think about.

I have learned to overcome this struggle by being in focus. I focus on my career in acting. I have friends like Paul who encourage me. My Mom was really strong. She taught me how to speak out.

In life, we have more similarities than differences. We just want to be treated as a person, and offer our talents to the world.

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