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Canadian Association of Inclusive Educators

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The red represents a belief in Inclusion and the Individual who needs the supports of those around them to succeed. The increased size reminds us of the importance of individuals who require an inclusive understanding in our communities.

Founding Members
Gary Bunch
Angela Valeo
Kathryn Underwood
Mariette Labonte
Shernett Martin
Nadira Persaud
Cristina Fernandes
Kevin Finnegan
Asha Rathod
Teri Rubinoff

Gary Bunch

We must be the change we wish to see.


July, 2008



A group of educators in the Greater Toronto Area has initiated a new organization for educators interested in inclusion of learners with disabilities, the Canadian Association of Inclusive Educators (CAIE). The objective of CAIE is to give a voice to the many educators who believe that learners experiencing disability have the right to be educated alongside their typical peers.

The founding group includes Gary Bunch of the Marsha Forest Centre and York University, Angela Valeo and Kathryn Underwood of Ryerson University, Mariette Labonte of the Conseil scholaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest, Shernett Martin and Nadira Persaud of the Toronto District School Board, Cristina Fernandes of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, Kevin Finnegan, of York University and formerly of the Halton Catholic District School Board, and Asha Rathod and Teri Rubinoff of the York Region District School Board. CAIE has been supported in its initiation by the Marsha Forest Centre and the Canadian Abilities Foundation.

CAIE is seeking members who share its belief that all learners have the right to education in the regular classrooms of community schools. The Association wishes to work with educators across Canada who understand the value and social justice of inclusive education. The long-term organizational intent of CAIE is growth of provincial and territorial Associations.

National CAIE working collaboratively with provincial and territorial Associations will take action to stimulate professional development for educators, create and disseminate professional resources, plan local and national meetings, develop a communication network for members, and join hands with like-minded other groups to move inclusive education forward in Canada. Contact from those who might lead in setting up provincial and territorial Association of Inclusive Educators is welcomed.

It is time for those who see the value of inclusion in education to join together in bringing all learners, regardless of type or degree of difference, together in the classrooms of Canada. It is time for educators to step forward and take up the challenge. CAIE has adopted as its slogan a saying of Mahatma Ghandi, another leader who recognized the need for positive change.

We must be the change we wish to see.

Interested educators may contact Gary Bunch at for more information.